External Access to Data on Home & Scratch

Connecting via SFTP/SCP to scp.hpcwales.co.uk (aka sftp.hpcwales.co.uk) now enables access to all site home and scratch directories direct from outside the HPCW network. The following table lists the locations of each:

File SystemLocation on [sftp|scp].hpcwales.co.uk
Cardiff Home/hpcw/cf/$USER
Swansea Home/hpcw/sw/$USER
Bangor Home/hpcw/ba/$USER
Cardiff Scratch/hpcw/cf-scratch/$USER
Swansea Scratch/hpcw/sw-scratch/$USER
Bangor Scratch/hpcw/ba-scratch/$USER

$USER represents the username of the user in question. By default, connection to [sftp|scp].hpcwales.co.uk continues to position users in the Cardiff home directories mounted at /home.